Answers to the Enable ERMS Report

This week Cited launched the Enable ERMS Report – a new service that gives anyone with a profile in Enable ERMS, the ability to request a copy of this information for only $38.50. Previously this was available in a manual process, where you could request a Privacy Report that cost $110. After informing those eligible that this solution is available, we received a range of questions, comments and responses in the last 24 hours. We felt it was appropriate to answer these in one article, so here it is.

We encourage open conversation on this topic as we value privacy, transparency and delivering great value through the Cited platform for our users.

Questions and Answers

Q: What information do you hold?

A: Depending on what has been submitted on your behalf, the details could include personal details, emergency contacts, qualifications, employment history and dates of mobilisation..

Q: How do you have my information?

A: At some point an organisation submitted your details through Enable ERMS for the purpose of going to a site – you may never have gone but the organisation submitted your information in readiness. The report will indicate which company submitted your details.

Q: Why do i have to pay for my own information?

A: Under the Privacy Act 1988, we are entitled to charge a fee as reimbursement of the cost of generating the information that you request, i.e. labour and consumables. By providing this information in Cited we are responding to demand and reducing the cost.

Q: Who else can see my information?

A: You are the only one who can access this information. We will soon be releasing new features in Cited which will give you the ability to edit or update this information. If you decide to purchase the report – we will keep you informed of that next feature.

Visit our ERMS page for more information.

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