Cited kicks off new financial year with exciting product updates

What's new product update note

We have released our latest product updates, designed to further improve the usability and flexibility of our platform.

If you’ve logged in recently and are wondering how to use them, here’s a rundown of what you’re looking at and why it’s good news.

Update #1 – AIR Immunisation History Statement COVID-19

What is it?

This new service provides our customers with confirmation that their workforce has been vaccinated, and with how many doses.

How will I benefit from it?

Customers enjoy an efficient and trusted process with documents that can be shared with multiple employers. More and more organisations are requiring evidence of vaccination, and this will continue to come in handy over time.

How do I use it?

When an organisation invites an individual to supply their vaccination evidence, we inspect and verify it. Both the individual and the requesting organisation receives the verified result – including the type of vaccination and the number of doses. Additionally, the individual can re-share the information if it’s requested again in the future.

Invite to complete AIR Immunisation History

AIR Immunisation History COVID-19

If you would like to learn more about our COVID-19 Immunisation History Statement feature book a consultation with our team.

Update #2 – Referoo integration

What is it?

Our integration with Referoo enables you to order reference checks directly from Cited. We then pass them onto Referoo, who processes and verifies them before returning the results back to Cited, where you can access them.

How will I benefit from it?

Customers with existing Referoo accounts can continue to utilise the service and make requests/receive results seamlessly via their Cited account.

How do I use it?

Simply log in to Cited and link your Referoo account from the Settings page. Once this is complete, you can synchronise your Referoo questionnaires with Cited, creating Referoo requirements on a one-to-one basis. This means that you can create your own questionnaire, specific to your organisation and its needs. These can be used from within the Cited interface to form the basis of individual requests and compliance testing.

If you would like to learn more about our Referoo integration or have any question book a consultation with our team.

Update #3 – Restriction management

What is it?

Restriction management enables customers with administrator access to specify requirements for which data access is restricted to other users.

How will I benefit from it?

Customers can control if data access to a requirement needs to be restricted, and which of their organisation users will have access. Allows for control over data access without changing access to functionality.

How do I use it?

From the Settings page, create a “Data Restriction” group. Give the group a name and select the users you want to have this access. Search for requirements to add to the new group, and these requirements will immediately become available to only those users with this restricted access. For those users without access, they will see that the requirement exists, but have no access to its details. User access to this restricted group can be modified from the Users tab on the Settings page.

If you would like to learn more or have questions about our Restrictions Management feature book a consultation with our team.

Update #4 - Universal Student Identifier (USI) check

What is it?

The USI platform links with the qualification verification process to expedite results.

How will I benefit from it?

By providing verification access to the Registered Training Organisation source of truth, the turnaround time for the verification is dramatically reduced.

How do I use it?

During the verification process, the individual is requested to upload evidence of their qualification, and they are asked:

“Was your supplied evidence your USI VET Transcript?”

If the answer is “yes”, no further information is required. If the answer is “no”, the user is required to supply a consent form allowing the issuing institution to release information to verify the qualification.

Have questions about our USI Check? Book a consultation with our team.

And that’s it for this month! We’re chuffed with how these features have played out, and hope you like them as much as we do. More to come soon…

Can we help?

If you would like assistance with activating any of these features or have further questions, book a consultation with our support team using the below form. We’re here to help!