Do you really care about your candidates?


Above: If one person applies for three different jobs, how many 'applicants' are there?

Why are we still making candidates "clone" themselves to apply for work?

A friend of mine decided it was time to go back into the workforce after a year of being a stay-at-home dad to his two young sons.

We were having a coffee and he spent most of our catch-up moaning about the process he had to go through to apply for Jobs.

“Every application I do means entering heaps of information into some website, which asks me lots of questions and at the end, I still upload a CV. Some are good but some are really long and hard to use. I have literally spent hours and hours entering the same information over and over again. It seems like a total waste of time”.

That last line sounded so familiar...

"It seems like a total waste of time”.

He went on.

“I also question why they need so much personal information about me. I don’t really know these companies and it feels odd being asked for all this sensitive information before we have even talked. I had one the other day which asked for copies of my degrees and passport to be uploaded. I didn’t recognise the company, so I bypassed that opportunity.”

My friend is highly qualified with great skills.  I have no doubt he is going to get a job, but I did empathise with him - here was a great person being to forced to jump through a lot of hoops.

The advent of Applicant Tracking Systems forces a lot of effort on the person applying for the job and organisations are notoriously poor at managing their ATS database of candidates.

My friend is one of a kind – literally.

There is no one else like him. Why does business insist on creating duplicates of him in a multitude of software systems – why not simply ask to access his information?

My friend is a sensible soul.

He understands that Identity fraud is exploding, and he doesn’t just want to hand out sensitive personal information to just anyone posting a job ad. Consequently, companies with over-zealous procedures are missing out on a really-good person (ok, I might be a bit biased).

But things are changing.

The pendulum is swinging in favour of a more efficient model which operates better for both the organisation and the individual.

In manufacturing, reducing waste is a key strategy to reduce cost and increase productivity. In recruitment, wasted effort and time is largely driven by duplication of tasks and managing unnecessary information (for both parties).

We ALL deserve better than wasting each others time.

At Cited, we have been banging on about this paradigm shift for a while – because it simply makes sense not to waste time recreating information which already exists in an accessible form.

Duplication of process across an industry drives cost, friction and frustration for everyone involved.

If we truly care for our candidates, we'd find a better way to do this.

Organisations don't need to recreate a person's profile information in their ATS or other systems.  Instead, they could request access to a pre-existing and probably verified data set.

This shift could save everyone time, money and skip the frustration of duplicated effort.

Everyone would be happier.

It's something we've not only talked about for a long time, we've been working on it too.

Look out for some exciting announcements from Cited in the weeks and months ahead.