How to add new records to your Cited Profile

Add Records

Once your Cited Profile has been setup, it's time to add new records so you can be easily found by employers searching the Cited Network with your experience.

The process is really easy and can be done from your mobile phone in less than a minute.

Once logged in, you need to go to "Manage Records" which can be selected from the menu that appears on the left of the screen (as shown above).

You can click here to go there directly now.

There are a range of different records that can be added to your profile.

Click on any of the green + buttons to open the search function or select one from the drop down menu that appears.

Tap on the type of record you want to add to your profile and then follow the prompts to enter all the required information and then hit continue.

In this example (see screenshot above) we are adding an Employment History Record.

If you get stuck throughout the process, you can use the live chat function to chat with our support team who can help you get setup.

Here is the link again to visit the "Manage Records" page within your Cited account. 

The more records you have visible in your profile, the greater chance you have of being seen and getting connection requests from employers using the Cited Network.

Good luck!