How to add new records to your Cited Profile

Once your Cited Profile has been setup, it's time to add new records so you can be easily found by employers searching the Cited Network with your experience.The process is really easy and can be done from your mobile phone in less than a minute.Once logged in, you need to go to "Manage Records" which can be selected from the menu that appears on the left of the screen (as shown above).You can...

7 challenges of growing trusted talent communities

In FY 2016, more money was invested in HCM (Human Capital Management) start ups than the previous 20 years combined. Nearly 1,000 HCM tech start ups were launched at a fundraise value in the order of $6b.

How to access your ERMS information by creating a free Cited Profile

If you've ever been mobilised to a mine site or industry project through the Enable ERMS system, you may be able to access your records inside a Cited profile, for free.This article explains how to do that in a few easy steps.We're going to give you a quick overview and then we'll go into more details on each step.

Do you really care about your candidates?

Above: If one person applies for three different jobs, how many 'applicants' are there? Why are we still making candidates "clone" themselves to apply for work?A friend of mine decided it was time to go back into the workforce after a year of being a stay-at-home dad to his two young sons.

Pre Verified Talent Pools: Worth reading the fine print!

The concept of a “Talent Pool” has been around HR and Recruitment circles for many years, but a recent trend of note is the increasing promotion of, “Pre-verified” Talent Pools.

Are today's job boards yesterday's newspaper ads?

  Many recruiters I know take a deep breath when they place an ad on a job board, for they know they will have to waste precious time sifting through inappropriate candidates in order to find the few gems.  Increasingly, they are pursuing more direct and efficient alternatives.

NDIS Client Spotlight - Castellorizian Aged Care Services

If you are familiar with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), then you may be familiar with the requirements for employee screening and organising police checks.The team at Castellorizian Aged Care Services in Kensington, NSW have changed the way they managing compliance with Cited. A few years ago, they would manually collect peoples certifications that they obtain and provide,...

Practical tips to protect yourself from identity theft and cyber crime

Your greatest risk of being a victim of cyber crime is...your letterbox. Cyber crime has grown exponentially such that Australian people (not companies - but individuals like you and me) now lose about $1 billion per annum through fraud and identity theft.  This is the fastest growing form of crime, fuelled by markets which have sprung up on the Dark Web where Identity documents are...

Proactive HR Projects that can help you advance your career. – PART 1

Climbing the career ladder of HR, especially in large organisations, is a tricky business but 2 things will help you immensely; Proactivity and Politics.

New Year’s Resolutions – How to transform Goals into Habits

  It’s that time again. The start of a new year and along with it all the good intentions we make. But does this pattern sound familiar? You start January with great discipline. You are back at work and into some good routines, refreshed from your seasonal break. You have the energy to be a bit organised and stick to your resolutions – be they personal or work related. It might be stopping off...