Compliance vs risk management: What’s the difference?

Staying compliant and avoiding risks are not one and the same – understanding how compliance and risk differ is the key to managing both effectively.

What the heck is pre-boarding?

First day on the job and my manager already looks flustered – there is a mad scramble to get my computer properly set up and an equally harassed new colleague is collared to, “show me the toilet and lunch area”. A grimace follows as she clearly doesn’t have time – the warm and fuzzies just keep on coming.

Do you really care about your candidates?

Above: If one person applies for three different jobs, how many 'applicants' are there? Why are we still making candidates "clone" themselves to apply for work?A friend of mine decided it was time to go back into the workforce after a year of being a stay-at-home dad to his two young sons.

Pre Verified Talent Pools: Worth reading the fine print!

The concept of a “Talent Pool” has been around HR and Recruitment circles for many years, but a recent trend of note is the increasing promotion of, “Pre-verified” Talent Pools.