Run your own race: Meet our new CEO, Michael Ivanchenko

So Michael, tell us more about yourself – where are you from?

CVCheck and Cited – a journey of strategic evolution

Three months on from the acquisition, CVCheck and Cited have joined forces to bring their customers the best in credentials management and background screening. Here’s the latest…

Cited kicks off new financial year with exciting product updates

We have released our latest product updates, designed to further improve the usability and flexibility of our platform. If you’ve logged in recently and are wondering how to use them, here’s a rundown of what you’re looking at and why it’s good news.

Answers to the Enable ERMS Report

This week Cited launched the Enable ERMS Report – a new service that gives anyone with a profile in Enable ERMS, the ability to request a copy of this information for only $38.50. Previously this was available in a manual process, where you could request a Privacy Report that cost $110. After informing those eligible that this solution is available, we received a range of questions, comments and...

Why outsourcing your reference checks will set you at an advantage

An organisation's success is heavily reliant on the experience, dedication and reliability of its employees. As a recruiter, ensuring successful candidates are the best fit based on their past behaviours, attitudes and work ethic is information obtained from conducting a thorough reference check.

The quantum shift in HR data management

August 28th to 31st saw Cited exhibit at The AHRI National Convention and Exhibition at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. With over 3000 HR and business professionals from across the globe in attendance, it was a great platform to meet other industry professionals and receive so many positive reactions to our platform.

Whizz kids and Start-ups – the Urban myth

As Gen X entrepreneurs, my business partner and I sometimes feel a little, well, uncool.

WitWA and flexible work

Part-time and flexible work in SME's—how do you deal with key people requests?

Sponsors of the 2018 AHRI Conference

We are thrilled to announce Cited as a sponsor of Australia’s premier Human Resources conference, in Melbourne.

EDA vs Blockchain. The unsung hero is better in certain applications


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