What the heck is pre-boarding?


First day on the job and my manager already looks flustered – there is a mad scramble to get my computer properly set up and an equally harassed new colleague is collared to, “show me the toilet and lunch area”. A grimace follows as she clearly doesn’t have time – the warm and fuzzies just keep on coming.

My first day is spent tagging along after the manager and told at intervals, “this is what you’ll be doing/taking over/responsible for”.


In comparison, my friend’s daughter started her new job as a graduate in a mid-tier professional services company.

Before she even started she had:

1. Completed and returned all her new employee administration tasks (TFN, Super fund, Bank details, Personal details)

2. Read and agreed to relevant company policies (Code of Conduct, HSE Policy, Confidentiality agreement)

3. Received her system logins, email address & “How to Use manuals”. Her email already had welcome emails from colleagues.

4. Completed an online Induction

5. Been provided an organisational chart – with names

6. When she logged into her calendar – Her first week schedule was already arranged, and she had been booked into training.

7. Received an overview of the client work she would be taking on.

8. Caught up with her appointed mentor for a coffee before her start date. At that coffee, the mentor did not go into a lot of detail about the company or the job – but instead spent the time, “getting to know her".

My friend told me she was beyond excited and, before she had set foot on the premises as an employee, considered herself part of the team.


This is pre-boarding done right. Smart company. It didn’t cost a lot of money for this company to do this – but the financial benefits are extraordinary.

What are the financial benefits?

Talya Bauer (Ph.D) cited the case of an organisation whose internal analysis found that a well-managed on-boarding system resulted in a 69% better 3 year retention rate than those who had a poor on-boarding experience. In addition, a survey conducted by Ms Bauer, showed a 60% improved time from start to full productivity.

So this mid-tier professional services firm has set itself up for employees who stay longer and hit the ground running – which for their business, results in improved revenue.

Cited has the ability to facilitate pre-employment due diligence and on-boarding – in an extremely cost effective way.

Transform the way you manage pre-boarding with Cited.

Did you know that Cited can help you create a unique experience for connecting new employees to your workforce?

With Cited Essentials, you can create a template that takes people through sequence of paperwork and checks to welcome them to your team. 

This could include:
  • New employee details form (contact details, next of kin, bank & super details)
  • Non Disclosure Agreement form
  • Acceptance of Company Code of Conduct form
  • Intellectual Property Agreement form
  • National Police Check
  • Pre Employment Medical Assessment
  • Almost anything you could ever want a new employee to do before they start!

Once created, you can invite new people to complete these forms online by sharing a link or sending them an email invitation.

Plus you can track their progress throughout the whole process, and our system manages follow up reminders so you don't have to think about it.

Over 800 organisations have registered to use Cited for workforce compliance.

If you want to keep your employees longer and have them hit the ground running – email sales@cited.com.au or arrange a demo of the system here.

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