Why outsourcing your reference checks will set you at an advantage

An organisation's success is heavily reliant on the experience, dedication and reliability of its employees. As a recruiter, ensuring successful candidates are the best fit based on their past behaviours, attitudes and work ethic is information obtained from conducting a thorough reference check.

Whether or not to outsource your reference check process can be a tricky decision to make, but also, may be the best decision for your career and organisation.
Can you easily spot false credentials in a candidates resume?
Organisations have a legal obligation to create a safe workplace for employees. According to a SHRM study, 36% of employers reported workplace violence incidents. Screening backgrounds through reference checks before hiring is an important step toward reducing the risk of workplace violence.

Here are three reasons why outsourcing your reference check will set you at an advantage.

  1. Australian based
    Cited has a team based in Australia who personally calls References and conducts and processes each check. They have the skills and experience to take over your organisations whole checking process.
  2. Increase efficiency
    We're dedicated to saving you time. Having a streamlined and efficient system will also increases the speed your checks are returned.
  3. Industry knowledge
    Our expert team are one of the first to be informed of changes in legislation. This means we can constantly keep our clients updated and you can ensure the right questions are asked on each individual reference check.

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